Paint Colors For Interior That Increase The Sense Of Spaciousness

Paint Colors For Interior That Increase The Sense Of Spaciousness

In choosing colors for home interiors, there is a maxim that says: “Light colours enlarge spaces; dark colours shrink environments “

How Is That? Simple.

The bright paint colours reflect the light that comes from the outside, multiplying the luminosity of the environment, generating a feeling of greater amplitude. And that’s how pure the magic is.

On the other hand, dark interior paint has a stronger presence and makes the walls seem closer to us.

This formula for choosing colours to paint a house inside (more than obvious), should be taken into account, for example, when deciding colours to paint interior walls of a poorly lit or small.

Practical advice and very important to illuminate small environments:

Choose white wall paint on an exterior wall where a window looks. It will help to reflect much more light to the environment, with all the benefits explained. I’ve put it into practice, and it works.

Colors For Rooms: The Choice Of Less Conservative Colors

The myth that when choosing paint colours for interiors, unlike white, other colours end up tiring, it may be true, but it is not a valid argument for not encouraging a change.

With similar reasoning, we should walk through life dressed as ice cream makers! There are no arguments that prevent us, for example, choosing colours to paint a house with personality.

Many times our prejudices are with the “who will say” those that lead us to choose paint colours within the yellow “guilty” or gray “formal.”

You do not have to lose sight of the fact that deciding colours for inside or outside is not an act that commits you for life. It should be thought oneself; and not the rest of the people !!!

After a while, you can replace the colours of wall paint with others, without this signifying a betrayal of any principle. We are talking only about paint colours!!

Paint Colors For Interior: The Ceiling

Situation: you are deciding the colours to paint the room. There is a maxim that you should know: The ceiling is the fifth wall of the environment.

How To Choose Colors To Paint A Ceiling?

If you live in a house with very high ceilings, and this does not fit you, you can use the criteria mentioned above. A dark colour will give the roof more presence, “lowering” the feeling of the height of the premises.

How To Paint Interior Walls

The dark coloured ceiling reduces the feeling of height

If, on the contrary, your house has environments with oppressive heights (read, very low), paint the ceiling in white or with very light colours, it will be able to “dematerialize” them, helping to reflect the light that comes from the outside, and thus favoring the feeling of spaciousness.

It Is Not A Theory: It Is A Reality!

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