Does Your House Need A Retouch? This Is The Perfect Season To Give You A New Appearance With The Painting You Need.

Choosing the paint for your home goes beyond deciding on a color. Various components must be examined to obtain the desired quality. Each house and owner has specific needs, do you know yours? The tips given below will allow you to make that decision.

Types Of Paint That Exist In The Market

Firstly, it is essential that you know the characteristics of the paintings that are offered in the market since, in addition to the colors, they are distinguished by their resistance, functionality, texture, and speed of drying.

The Paintings Are Usually Classified As Follows:

Water-Based Paint

It is the most used and recommended in the market because anyone can do wonders with it. Thanks to its main component, it dries immediately, has no strong odors and can be applied in different textures.

Its use is recommended for interiors, as it does not have enough capacity to withstand the conditions of the weather. Also, each of its finishes has different functionalities:

Matte: covers imperfections and adheres adequately to any texture. It is recommended to clean with caution, as it may fall.

Satin: due to its delicate appearance, it provides elegance to the interior. It is easy to clean and can even be washed.

Brilliant: it elevates the luminosity of the places and also allows the cleaning with water and soap.

If you plan to paint your bedroom, water-based paint is the best option, because its light smell is not toxic and you can rearrange your things the same day, plus you will find an infinite number of available colors.

Paint And Synthetic Enamel

This type of paint is a chemical combination of oils and synthetic resins that require a solvent to be diluted. They are the most resistant in the market so they are used outdoors and other types of materials such as wood and metals. There are also matt, glossy and glossy finishes but, unlike water ones, they take longer to dry.

Synthetic paints are ideal for areas of greater wear, such as kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, stairs, and exteriors. As well as furniture and infrastructure exposed to damage or weathering. For more information on synthetic paints a Tulsa painter can give you more of their expertise.

Although they have a more pungent odor, they present better finishes than water-based paints in addition to that its cleaning is simple.

Other Options

There are also options that, although they can be classified within water-based or synthetic paints, stand out for the advantages they offer. For example, green colors, as they do not contain petroleum derivatives, allow walls to transpire reducing the amount of moisture and condensation that is concentrated.

Tips For Making A Decision

After an idea of the functionality of each type of paint, it is time to evaluate your conditions to choose the right one.

What Rooms Will You Paint?

Some paintings work better in some rooms than others. If the idea is to paint your entire house, it is valid to create a combination and use different options for each room. This does not mean that you can not use the same type of paint for your entire house. However, it is preferable that it lasts long enough and does not suffer from the daily routine.

What Colors Do You Plan To Use?

Not all types of paint provide the same tonalities. Matte water-based paints (mainly vinyl) when dried lose their pigments, therefore, the use of bright or very dark colors in this variation is not recommended.

What Is The Finish Of The Wall?

If you want to make a change of color, it is essential that you verify what paint is currently on your wall. Switching from water base to another water or synthetic base is very simple. However, when the wall already has a synthetic paint, first treatment must be done to remove it and be able to place one of water.

Treatments Against Humidity

Some paintings have anti-fungal substances that prevent the spread of mold. If there is a problem of moisture in your home, using one of these options (either water or synthetic) will reduce the appearance of bacteria and stains on the walls. Renewing the appearance of your home is a task that you can do yourself. Ready to put to work?

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